Bloem de Ligny

Bloem de Ligny
Ice and angels

Sounds of earthquakes
I'm mousy
Out in the valley skape
We are off but it's over here
We should
My 'gintay'
Sounds of earthquakes
I'm 'eluced' we're holding
Out in my trailpark
It satisfies me I know
He's a magnet
I'm awakened shivering me buy me in

I belong you
I belong here
I belong with you

We belong with you
I belong with you
I belong with you
With you.

Kettles an kittles and bagpipes, my
And thunders and races oly clouds
Ice and meeting cold I'm a leaf
Moon Ice and angels
Ice and angels...


Submitted by walter at Thu 30 Mar, 2006 11:55 am

Author: Bloem de Ligny
Composer: Bloem de Ligny
Publisher: ?
Language: English
Available on: Zink (1998)


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