Bloem de Ligny

I want to get my baby
Done for the day

He's much nicer than I am
And quicker than slow
To get down to my nylons

Lay all your armage on
And learn
I give up
I learn you
How to use your tongue

You're mine wacked cold
You are now the only one
Who knows where I am
Gonna get up to myself
And watch
Then, my baby
When I get
When I get
When I get home

Call me hard my baby
Is why
I cannot refuse
He's much nicer than I am
And crazy bundle

When I will call
Catch a crow
You get your
You know what

You'll ,you'll, you'll be gone
Silver when I come home.


Submitted by walter at Thu 30 Mar, 2006 11:55 am

Author: Bloem de Ligny
Composer: Pete Briquette
Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment (Holland) BV
Published in: 1998
Language: English
Available on: Zink (1998)


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