Bloem de Ligny

Bloem de Ligny


All night, All night

I've been shaking around like a leaflet
Oh my God, oh my God
What's so cruisn'
And so these adventures
I'm lame and you're
Disgusting around

Spoon my eyes
Spoon my mouth
Spoon my belly and darkness and quite
I'm alone, I'm alone
Oh yes I'm motivated
League a, lite on
When you leave and you like the resemblance

Wipe your nose
Get me out
I won't soothe you up a new kitchen
Again, again
Hold me out and dance with the devil
Again, again
I got so God loose

Whistle around
My God I am no God
Listen over
Dance in the eye lite
An icon than the coozias
Easy says and then he get plushed
Oh my
Oh my cookie
You're body is such sensation

Got my bag and deserve
You press my eyes and then I get cocky
Low glide
Low glide when you muscle me
I got so spongy
Over and out and then...

Oh yes, oh motivated
I get so
Oh yes
I get so loose...


Submitted by walter at Thu 30 Mar, 2006 11:55 am

Author: Bloem de Ligny
Composer: Bloem de Ligny
Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment (Holland) BV
Published in: 1998
Language: English
Available on: Zink (1998)


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