Stuck in a moment

Its been a cold night, a struggle in life,
a strange moment, cause I bowed my head and cried.
No I never been quite satisfied.

Its been a hard fight, a wizzle inside,
the very first moment we took the words we'd hide.
But I never could be satisfied.

If love takes me over, could you be by my side?
Lord, take away this trouble in mind.
I would wish I had no future, had no past,
just stuck in a moment of peace and happiness.

There was a message, a word of goodbye.
A time of religion passing me by.
I could never be satisfied.

Maybe its better, to laugh than to cry.
All moments we lived in can not be denied.
So maybe I gotta be satisfied.


Submitted by walter at Mon 10 Apr, 2006 10:00 am

Author: Tangarine
Composer: Tangarine
Publisher: ?
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Language: English


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