Rhymes of readers

Your ship comes in, the moments you pass.
You wake in times the world needs rest.
You ask yourself, when you know best.
Lend some clothing, when you’re well dressed.
You found a meaning, while people ask.
Payed the prize for the next contest.
Need to slow down when you move to fast.
Rhymes of readers are just attached.

Got yourself down, when you wanna fly.
Standing still without giving a try.
Feeling cold, in the warmth of July.
Mostly your words are full of lies.
Power of life on the day that you die.
The gift of your feelings for closing the eyes.
Everyone turns, but you defy.
Rhymes of readers can only apply.

You’re in the dark when you start to see.
You’re laughin at us and so do we.
Closed the door and forgot the key.
Don’t know the songs of your new LP.
You’re fighting people while you are free.
Others make a stand when you wanna flee.
Speak loud when you’re up in a tree.
Rhymes of readers got no idea.

You blame your neighbours when they’re away.
In the shadows, beside the light of day.
Could lend a hand, but gone astray.
You’re asking for mercy, with nothing to say.
Well maybe you’re smarter than the person you potray.
But everything goes the way you display.
Got many words for the game you play.
Rhymes of readers haven’t gone away.

Your words don’t feel, you fail to understand.
Could never say the words that would make amends.
Readers rhymes, your lines descend.
Your time had come, came to an end.
You got no nerve to call me your friend.
As long as you’re speaking without a stand.
As long as you’re faking the words you’ve lended.
Turn the pages with your other hand.


Submitted by walter at Mon 10 Apr, 2006 9:58 am

Author: Tangarine
Composer: Tangarine
Publisher: ?
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Language: English


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