Listening to the wind

I'll say, you make me blue by yellow eyes,
by looking into the way we live.
Yes it makes me truly blind.
I see, the way laying in front of me.
Open the door for all I be.
Won't listen to all you've got to say.

So you can grap me up, but I can bring you down.
You're not the one who can decide for me.
No, I'm not living here for you.
So take your pride into the sky,
and let me stand in the light.
Waiting for the eyes to see it all of me.
I'll let you slowly realize.

Bring the night into the day,
when I'm listening to the wind,
taking me slowly away.
I wanna be sure of all I say,
when i'm listening to the wind,
taking me slowly away.

Like a falling star through the universe,
you fall over me like the rain.
Taking all my warmth away.
So put me back on my place, coz here I stand,
watching you following your own desire.
Throwing all my dreams away.


Submitted by walter at Mon 10 Apr, 2006 9:56 am

Author: Tangarine
Composer: Tangarine
Publisher: ?
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Language: English
Available on: Remember The First Songs (2002)


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