Final words from the well

Old man your words are in spin.
They sound right but don’t mean anything.
Your lines are scratched the paper fell.
Final words from the well.

Things they come, things they go.
Feelings hide when you think they’ll show.
You gotta serve yourself, heaven or hell.
Final words from the well.

Old man don’t speak but resign.
Your children grow and the’ll do fine.
And all we say now, time will tell.
Final words from the well.

Black and white, I don’t know,
ment something like yes and no.
All these thoughts are gone, farewell!
Final words from the well.

Old man your hair is gone,
your skin wrinkled, your fortune strong.
But all your clothing just won’t sell.
Final words from the well.

Everything now, will turn to past.
Every line we wrote wont last.
Read the story you can’t retell.
Your final words from the well.


Submitted by walter at Mon 10 Apr, 2006 9:49 am

Author: Tangarine
Composer: Tangarine
Publisher: ?
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Language: English


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