These are just the moments I will not remember
But baby that’ s just you; a stone inside my shoe forever
And love don’ t often come so right & pure
You will break my heart a 1000 times now baby that’ s for sure

And I know it doesn’ t matter to you where I go or stay
I’ m always better than the other ones ‘cause
I am you and you are me
And I know now that I will do it all for you
And for the benefit of (y)our beloved ones
‘cause I am you and I’ ll still be you tomorrow

I hear ya read ya everywhere I see ya lately
You are all around me like thin air you are a liquid lady
There’ s people in the streets, prototypes of the busy city species
You are a million bodies and so you have a million faces

Your voice is in my head, I know I am in yours now somewhere
To think about you baby it works just like a drug for hours
And love don’ t often get much better than this
You’ ll break my heart I’ m sure but still I’ m gonna take the risk

And love don’ t often come so right & pure
Oh love don’ t often come so right & pure


Submitted by walter at Thu 16 Mar, 2006 9:29 pm

Author: Tom Kesten
Composer: Tom Kesten
Publisher: ?
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Language: English
Available on: Heliotropic (2005)


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