Roy Harper

Roy Harper
Garden Of Uranium

And power in a smile
Energy to spare
And time to reconcile
In every blade of grass
And breath of air
A future sitting there

And you don't care about the children
There's plenty where they're from
To populate the garden
Of uranium

There's power in a sun ray
And travel on the tide
Hurricanes and storms
To saddle up and ride
In every wind of change
On any side
An idea to be tried

And you don't care about the children...

And then there are the meglos
With power in their hands
Dumping lethal waste
In shallow pasturelands
Scattering suicide
Into the winds
And no one understands

And they don't care about the children


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Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: EMI Records Ltd
Published in: 1988
Language: English


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