Disenchanted (Guitar tab)

Date: Sat, 1 Jul 1995 00:21:29 -0400

>From : VSeven@AOL.COM

This is the tab from a new group started in the Cleveland area. I've
seen them three times now, and I think there gods. This is there only song
I have figured out. It starts with a variation of a C chord and goes from
there. I know there are errors, especially with the solo(I can't play it
even close to how the do) Here it is


(Probe is: Allan Dynes:lead guitar,vocals Tim Grysban:rhythm guitar,vocals
Scott Roberts:bass guitar,vocals Chris Iannicca:drums)

The three cords used at the intro and during the verses are(clean tone)

e -------0------------0------------0-----
b -------8------------3------------1-----
g -------0------------0------------0-----
d -------9------------4------------2-----
a -------10-----------5------------3-----
e ---------------------------------------

Then it switches to these chords with distortion
e -------3------------2------------0----- during the D and C, they
b -------3------------3------------3----- sometimes fret the third fret
g -------0------------2------------0----- on the high e string in beat
d -------0------------0------------2----- to the rhythm.
a -------2------------0------------3-----
e -------3-------------------------0-----

The solo kind of goes like this(It stays on the e and b string, so thats all
I'll put)

e ---3--3-p2-h3---3--3--5-p3--3--2--3--3--3--5--5--5--3--2-3/\/\/\-0\/\/\/\/
b --------------------------------------------------------------------------

e ---------------------------------------------------------12/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
b ---8-p7-h8-----15---15---17-p15/\/\/\/\/\--15---15---15--------------------

That's it, except when they play it live the solo is another two measures
long with a lot of chorus and I don't have all the lyrics yet, but I'm
working on it. Any questions/comments mail me.

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\_ \_ \_
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