The Arch

The Arch

If you see a strange walking girl.
Like she's counting her steps,
Like printing signs on the ground,
For those who followed her.
She keeps her eyes to the sky,
Like she's looking for God.
Perhaps she'll get him down.

Don't you come back,
Leave the tricky track, right this night. I heard your story,
I saw your misery passing.
I wanna see you,
I wanna touch your skin, right this night.
So won't you try to keep my dream everlasting.
Sometimes she leaves the ground,
She wants to jump to the moon.
She's taking off for a live.
Somewhere in emptiness.
She throws her hands to the sky.
Like she's counting on God
Perhaps he'll take her up.
But if that strange acting girl
Is lying straight on the ground,
Digging her teeth in the mud
Like she's neglecting God.


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Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?
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Published in: 1990
Language: English


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