The Arch

The Arch
Babsi ist tot

No more blood in the vains,
No more vains in the body,
No more body in the story
Starring Babsi
I see you seeking vains,
You can't find one
Time is running.
You get angry,
You're body's fusing.
You get mad,
The needle gets . . .
You were running at high,
You were sucking at low,
Till the nearly last goodbye,
Oh babe, I don't know why,
So I could cry.
Babsi's body, body Babsi.
And the mothers and the fuckers
And the preachers and the teachers and
Her majesty the Queen,
They say you sold your body to your soul.
Just to feel some kind of good.
Your body is chemical reaction,
Your soul has the choice
For the chemicals.
I wonder,
Where are the atoms that were
Part of your body,
Would there be such an atom in me.
I think my words have no sense,
I just wanna keep you alive
In everyone's memory.


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