son and heir

Slumbering beauties, resting on a bed of stones
Greedy rulers, circling ‘round their wooden thrones
Sleep well, son and heir

Dancing arrows, poisening the words you hear
you might face the hunter if you chase the deer
Sleep well, son and heir
Dream your dreams of might!

Looking for, looking for means of perfection
something far ahead, high above the average
Looking for, looking for the balanced connection
is it out of range, someone has to feel we got
just enough to live on, just enough to care
just enough to be aware
and take the chances when they’re there

Land of Tá, the aim of mount Hira
Greetings to your burried heroes, Land of Tá
Sleep well, son and heir
dream your dreams of might!

Sleep well son and heir dream about your dreams of might
morning won’t wait till you’re waking up
you can tell!

Sleep well son and heir, dreams of light
morning won’t wait till you’re waking up; you can tell!


Submitted by tauzefien at Tue 17 Jan, 2006 5:36 pm

Author: Nadieh
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?
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Language: English
Available on: Land of Ta (1986)


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