Wide Open Space

I'm all alone and staring in to space
It's always quiet through my ceiling
The roof comes in and crashes in a daze

I'm in a wide open space, it's freezing
You'll never get to heaven with a smile on your face from me
I'm in a wide open space, I'm staring
There's something quite bizzare I cannot see

I'm on the top of a hill, I'm lonely
There's someone here to shout to miles away
I could be back at my house, for I care
They do not see me, it's the same old case

(Chorus x2


Submitted by OptimusPrime at Thu 14 Aug, 2003 10:43 pm

Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?
Language: English
Available on: Attack of the Grey Lantern (1997), Legacy (2006)


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