In The Raw

I can feel the heat coming up from my skin
Turn up the lights, I can't believe my eyes
I think I know what she might want to do tonight
Fill me up, I just can't get enough, till I get it right, you got that right

My body's shakin' like a full blown vette
My knees are weak, and I begin to sweat
It must be love, cause I can't get enough 'til I get it right
You got that right

She comes in wearing nothing but some cowboy boots
Maybe a smile and that's all
If it's a crime, I'd gladly do the time
There ought to be a law about the way she looks, that's my baby - in the raw

Don't hold back, baby I can't wait
My head is racing like a runaway freight
We're gonna roll, just like dominos, did you get it right, yeah that's right

Shake it, you're steaming up the room
Heat up the rocket won't you shoot me to the moon
Start me up, and don't you let it up 'til we get it right, whoa that's right



In the news: today that big traffic tie-up downtown was apparently caused by
a woman walking down Main street, clad only in cowboy boots and a big smile.
The arresting young lady was apprehended by police officers who said
she did not resist. Some of the lawmen on the scene were so shaken,
they insisted on riding with her in the backseat of the squad-car.
Now here outfit is accessorized by a lovely set of cuffs. Film at eleven.


That's my baby - in the raw (repeats out)...



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Language: English


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