Black Flag

Black Flag
Bastard In Love

Punish your lover, and then just turn your back
Punish your future, to spite your past
Love turns to hate, with every spell you cast

* You keep waiting for the love that you want to feel
But you'd never believe it when the tell you that
love is real, You keep wishing... but

** My love is real
My love is real
My love is real
My love is real

Bastard in love, they push, you shove
There's no point in asking, you'll never know why
You run and don't listen, I sit home and cry
My heart sinks further with each of your lies



Bastard in love, I can't help what I feel
And what I feel, I'll feel to the end
There may be no right, and there may be no wrong
But ther is pain, and it always lasts too long



{ Lyrics and Music - G. Ginn }



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Language: English


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