Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson
Mascara Tears

I was trying to be mean and cruel and unkind
Don't take it too hard
There's another man inside me wants to break us apart

You were chic off the peg, bang up to the minute
I had to put my big foot in it
Don't shout it all about
There's another man inside me and he wants to get out

Mascara tears, bitter and black
A spent bullet drilled a hole in my back
Salt for the memory, black for the years
Black as forever, mascara tears

There's hell and hoodoo in your kitchen
Scratch the place you're itching
How long will it take
There's another girl inside you and she never got a break


You just moan and weep and moan and weep
Dirty rivers running down your face
Tears all down your party face



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Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?
Language: English
Available on: Mirror Blue (1994)


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