Donkey Diesel

Donkey Diesel

Someday, We’ll Speak Above Suspicion
Far Beyond Any Cure
In Milk And Honey
Midst Many A Lovely Point Of View
So Far, We’ve Built Ourselves A Future
For Our Past To Break The News
We Must be At The Far End Of The World By Now
On The Road To Syracuse


I Feel They Know Us Better
Than To Simply Disagree
Should We Ever Turn A Blind Eye
To The Ones Who Cannot See.
There’s A Place To Burn Your Bridges
With Both Ends Secured
For The Sky To Meet The Ocean
Touching Ground In Syracuse


I’d Like To Think Of Them As Brothers
For The Bad Or For The Good
I’d Like To See Them As Our Sisters
Who’d Bargain For The Truth
I’d Like To Think Of Them As Fathers
‘Mongst All Evil Men Will Do
To Be Forgiven By Their Mothers
At The Gates Of Syracuse

Where The Journey Ends
The Way Most Journeys Do
In Syracuse
Directions Are Vague
Cause Every Road Leads You To



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