Jenn D
You Keep Giving Me Love

You Keep Giving Me Love by Jenn D, Music Lyrics and Video

You Keep Giving Me Love is the second single by the talented rising star Jenn D, which is due for release on 18 March 2013 via AATW / Universal. Her debut album is due out later this year.
The song was produced by Paul Harris and Carl Ryden.

Jenn D - You Keep Giving Me Love Video

Jenn D - You Keep Giving Me Love Lyrics

I wanna be, be, the buzz you talk about
So drink it up, drink up your medicine
I got the stuff, stuff, you wanna shout it out
Oh oh ooh oh
I'm young at heart
I know we can make it digital

You keep giving me love
Keep giving me

Give me a hit, hit me up, now bring it on
Make it blast, blast like an animal
I'm young at heart, young heart, so dangerous
Oh oh ooh oh

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