For All Those Sleeping
Mark My Words

Mark My Words by For All Those Sleeping, Music Lyrics and Video

Mark My Words is the first single by Minnesota-based post-hardcore band "For All Those Sleeping", taken from their second studio album "Outspoken".
The track is accompanied by a comical video, directed by Cody Blue Snider, which includes a preface and conclusion to the video (both sections do not include music).

"We shot the video in an actual elementary school during a school day so our song was blaring the whole day and was echoing through out the halls of the school, " says vocalist Mike Champa. "We even had a class come to watch while we performed the song, so we were playing this heavy song with swearing in front of all these young kids and their teacher, it's crazy we didn't get kicked out. It was a lot of fun working with all the kids and actors and working with Cody and the Snider family on this video."

For All Those Sleeping - Mark My Words Video

For All Those Sleeping - Mark My Words Lyrics

You're fucked now
Did you think I wouldn't find out
Secrets don't last long in this town
And neither will you
At the rate you burn bridges you will burn out

You are a waste of a life
You are a waste of my time

I'm not the one who made you this way
But I'll be the one to make you wish you never changed

Don't tell me you're sorry
Because I know, oh I know you're not
Don't waste your breath on me
I won't hold mine
Give it away
'Cause you're the reason that you're falling apart
There's no way I'd ever forget you
But mark my words I'll never miss you

You're fucked now
I can see you but you'll never see it coming

You're lower than dirt
And that's where you belong
Face down in the ground
Not making a sound
Someday you'll find that the countless times
You stepped on me were fueling my fire

Come on what are you waiting for
Step up
This is what I've been waiting for
Step Up

Make me move
If you have the guts to
Make your move
I'm standing right here

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