Oceans Of Sadness

Oceans Of Sadness
Two Voices

Two Voices

Alright, feel the need to be needed
by the one who you think that loves you?
Lies! You are getting deceived, OVERLOAD!
Why does the wolf eat the bleeding
every time that he sees the chance to?
Fight for you're right to get food, OVERLOAD!

They try to keep control, keep us in our role
Never close their eyes and start all over
So when you try to be, all the things you see
Never will they let you start all over, no...

Face the mirror, see yourself
You will find you see hell

Pain, shame, you blame, I cry, you gain...
I will not ever let this happen
Pain, shame, my game, I laugh, remain...
I will not ever let this happen

I will not justify my acts as joker in disguise,
I'll never give in to go down
this rollercoaster ride will end the moment that I die
won't accept to go down

...when you see hell


Submitted by walter at Fri 24 Mar, 2006 1:51 pm

Author: Oceans of Sadness
Composer: Oceans of Sadness
Publisher: Tony de Block
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Language: English
Available on: ...send in the clowns (2004)


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