David Coverdale

David Coverdale
Time on my side

All of my life, I've been searching,
Walking on easy ground
The son of my father
Never being pushed around,
I got the Lord in my shadow
The devil in my blood,
If you fool me, baby,
I'm gonna get you like a good man should

Like a gipsy
A traveller I was born,
A vagabond without virtue,
I was blessed before the dawn,
I greet the morning,
With my back against the sun,
You never see me baby,
Cos' I'm always on the run

Cos' I got; time on my side,
I don't need nobody to hold me
Time on my side,
Sister Bluebird told me,
Time on my side,
An' freedorn on my shoulder,
I'm bound to settle down,
Before I get much older

Born on the dark side,
With a sun that never shone,
Never had nobody, to cry
When I was gone
I have always been a loner
I got the drifter in my blood
If you fool, me baby,
I'm gonna get you like a good man should


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