u got us

(D. Bartholomé)

So you move your body
Interrupted Peter Pan
And you shake your body
And it's not that fair
Have a beep this big
Interrupted be a man
Have a solid sore
And it's not that far

U got us on the moon
U got us drinking booze
U got us teacher's pet
U got us with respect
U got us on the moon, U got us

And you move your body
Ain't it upstairs silicone?
And you move that up
Makin' too much noise
U got us on the moon U got us with a spoon
And you shake your honey
Makin' "Springer 's oil"

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    Pegasus at Wed 26 May, 2004 12:00 am

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Language: English
Available on: Meeuws 2


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