be creative with your sperm

The holy bible already said so
please don’t spoil your seed
it is way to important
it is real magic indeed

You can make some real art out of it
the resource of great creators
you cannot only make a kid
but you can draw some alligators

You can paint whatever you like
make some really great designs
you only need a bit of concentration
If you want to pull some straight lines

And if you’re planning
to make a real big piece of art
be disciplined for a few weeks
and save real hard

The result is a big explosion
attended by the soundtrack of your groans
a piece of art in motion
astonishing to the bones

So this is what I wanted to say
give your ideas a chance to germ
go ahead and play
be creative with your sperm

(c) Hara'kiri


Submitted by walter at Sun 29 Feb, 2004 1:00 am

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