Jess And James

Day by day
You die of loneliness
Waiting for your son
Blood from your veins
Lying to yourself
Believing your own lies
Like a very young child
You believe in fairy tales.

Your son
It was on me he leant
I bore him on my shoulders
My strength all spent
The blood out of his wounds
Blood from your veins
Ran down my own clothes
Down my face ran red.

Night and day you wait for him
You think of him
You make your dreams mix-up
With your life's reality
Night and day you knit for him
You look for him
You can't believe he's dead
You think it can't be true.

Your pain
In time will die away
It's dying day by day
Let it die away
You still have the time
To love another son
Don't give your love away
Save it for other days.

I know how
Your house now is still
Filled with loneliness
Full of emptiness
Nothing of him remained
Not even his picture-frame
He was your only son
He was my only friend.

(c) Tekst & Muziek : Wando Lam / Tony Lam


Submitted by Jacques at Mon 23 Feb, 2004 1:00 am

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Language: English


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