Jack Jersey

Jack Jersey

Blue-eyed Sue, don't feel blue
Don't believe the lies that have been told about me
That I'm cheating you

You're the only one I care for
You're the only one I'm livin' for

So stuck on you, that's what I do
Why should we ever part if I know I would never find another you?
We will always stay together
We'll always be one forever and ever, Sue

No matter what people have to say about me, Sue
I will never, ever try to slip away from you

Oh, I love you, darling and you know it

Oooh, nananana...

Oh, woman, can't you forget that talk about me?
Don't be suspicious, please hear my plea
Just talk to me and you will know

Oh, woman, we're lovers, then why can't you see?
I will never ever set you free
And I won't let you go

Oh, I love you, darling and you know it


Submitted by Nita at Wed 06 Sep, 2006 12:09 pm

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Language: English


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