Jack Jersey

Jack Jersey
Me and Bobby McGee

Busted flatin' batonrouge, headin' for a train;
Feelin' nearly faded as my jeans.
Bobby thumbed the diesel down, just before it rained;
Took us all the way to New Orleans.
I took my harpoon out of my dirty red bandana;
And was blowin' sad while Bobby sang the blues.
With them windshields wipers slappin' time;
And Bobby clappin' hands;
We finely sang up ev'ry song that driver knew....o,o,oo..

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose;
Nothing ain't worth, nothin' but it's free.
Feeling good was easy Lord when Bobby sang the blues;
And feeling good was good enough for me;
Good enough for me and Bobby McGee.

From the coalmines of Kentucky, to the California sun;
Bobby shared the secrets of my soul.
Standin' right beside me Lord, through ev'rything I done;
And ev'ry night she kept me from the cold.
Than somewhere near saitin' as Lord, I let her slip away;
Lookin' for the home I hope she'll find.
And I'd trade all tomorrows for a single yesterday;
Holdin' Bobby's body next to mine...


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Author: Kris Kristofferson, Fred Foster
Composer: K. Kristofferson
Publisher: ?
Language: English
Available on: Sings country (1976), The Best Of Jack Jersey (1976)


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