Wait to say goodbye

Sweetheart, leave me to sleep in the sunlight
I’m dreaming of all of the things I can’t get right.
Alone for a whole with no thought of time
So leave me and wait to say goodbye

It’s just one moment away from the real world
And I’ve been sorting it out in my dream swirl
I know that when you’re gone there’ll be no thought of why
So leave me and wait to say goodbye

There’s only one thing I can do at a time
Bring in the laundry that was left on the line
Oh, I hate for you to see me cry again

So when I wake in the cool of the evening
And you’re beginning your nocturnal preening
I won’t get out my ribbons, or my bows

So leave me, don’t tell me so
Leave me, don’t say you’ll go
Leave me and wait to say Goodbye



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Language: English


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