Kenny Rankin

Kenny Rankin
The Girl I Left Behind

As my train pulls out I look back
At the tears falling from her eyes
I came for both goodbyes

Something in her lost expression
Seems to be asking why I go
Funny, even I don't know

I don't know where i'm going to
Or what I'll find
Could it be that I'm waiting for
The girl I left behind?

Now I want to reach my hand out
And wipe the wet tears from her cheek
Touch those lips too scared to speak

But I know there are two directions
To each and every rail road track
Does she know that I'll come back?

Does she know, that I'll come back?

Mmm, Hm-mmm...


Submitted by Sanderxx at Sat 07 Jul, 2012 9:04 pm

Author: Eric Eisner
Composer: Eric Eisner
Publisher: Mercury
Published in: 1967
Language: English
Covered by: Herman Van Veen (1970)


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