Curtis Stigers

Curtis Stigers
New York Is Rockin'

Where the music is a pumping and the lights are bright
When the whistle blows and the workdays' done
We gonna get the party started and have some fun
I'll meet you after midnight baby don't be late
Down around the corner at the Empire State

The kids are getting down up in the Bronx tonight
Times Square is lit up like it's broad daylight
They're kickin' out the jams down in ol' Bay Ridge
The joint is really jumpin' on the Brooklyn Bridge
All the hippies hangin' down on Avenue A
Put your red dress on yeah we're on our way

New York
New York is rockin'
New York
New York is rockin' tonight

Well Sinatra's singing 'bout those little town blues
Baryshnikov is putting on his blue suede shoes
Bird is boppin' down on Fifty-Second Street
The Ramones at CBGB's got 'em on their feet
Pavarotti's playing up at Carnegie Hall
Yeah everybody's swingin' and havin' a ball

They really got it shakin' in Jamaica Queens
Wall Street is dressing up in old blue jeans
They're jumpin' at the Garden for the New York Knicks
The Islanders and Rangers go their hockey sticks
The Bombers in the Bronx and the Mets at Shea
The Giants and Jets are up and ready to play

The Staten Island Ferry's rockin' all night long
>From Soho to Harlem hear 'em singing along
The boys are steppin' out down on Christopher Street
In Bed-Stuy they're rockin' to a new jack beat
Well give our regards to ol' Broadway
'Cause New York is rockin' and it's here to stay

Written by C. Stigers and W. Nile


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