Jon Allen

Jon Allen
Think Of You

Something 'bout the blackbirds song
Reminds me of your loving
Something in my past long gone
Makes me think of you

Something 'bout the crescent moon
Hanging in the heavens
Like a lighthouse in the gloom
Makes me think of you

In my mind I cross the great divide
I can see salvation in your eyes

Though our love has lost its way
And oceans lie between us
Some part of my heart still stays
Makes me think of you

Like a splinter in the hand of time
All the while you never left my mind

I might be in some far off place
Where no one else can find me
When kindness in a strangers face
Makes me dream of you


Submitted by keeskees at Thu 12 Apr, 2012 8:42 am

Author: Jon Allen
Composer: Jon Allen
Publisher: Monologue Records
Language: English
Available on: Sweet Defeat (2011)


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