Ulrik Munther

I will die someday
But right now it seems so far away
I will die someday
I hope it’s not today

I know life is today
Tomorrow can wait
My head wants to move on
But my heart wants to stay

I’m just a kid with a guitar in my hands
But I know something that some can’t understand

‘Cause we live and we die
I do whatever I like
Life is now, so let’s try
To not let it pass by
It’s right now

Some people, they say
“Just think about tomorow you must sacrifice today”
But I say that’s wrong
I will celebrate today, and the future it can wait

‘Cause we only live once
So don’t blow it, take a chance
To do everything you’ve dreamed

Catch the day, make it stay
Never let it go away
Hope and pray your last day
is full of life and lived your way

I will die someday
But right now it feels quite far away
I will die someday
Let’s hope it’s not today


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Language: English
Also available in: French


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