Ulrik Munther

Ulrik Munther
kill for lies

Between the emptiness and pain
Is understanding that my fears
They never let me show
I cared I cared
Was it all only for dignity and pride
That im left broken
Inside inside

We kill for lies, kill for lies
Murder our love to save our pride
We kill for lies kill for lies
Love poisons truth, love suicides

In the night I lie awake
So complicated and my soul
It wages war with self control
I know that now I
I don’t understand the games I played
Just a price that
I’ve paid I’ve paid

love suicide yeaah


Mabye in time i’ll find peace of mind
But I don’t know
Love suicide


Submitted by walter at Sun 01 Apr, 2012 8:38 am

Author: ?
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Language: English
Also available in: French


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