One Fine Cast

One Fine Cast

Try to live not half the price you earned,
You're so happy with a bed and breakfast,
Stories told, but no one listened to the consequence,
In our homes we only laugh with their ideas,
Raised and fucked the richest families,

Mom was ill and dad was more than she could handle,
Every night the knocks on her door,
Creeping doors with his hand on her mouth,

Growing older, growing faster, getting smarter,
She realized she wasn't just a great dessert,
She left the house got on the streets
pleased every man she wanted,
At least she didn't had to see her dad go of within her,

Then years later daddy missed his little girl,
He shot his head against the sealing,
Mom was dead and so were the other kids,
They've al been hanged because of him,

This story starts, Two worlds apart,
Hey Sidney, The streets are clean again,
I think you better go away now,
Wanna stay, Longer than yesterday,
Try to clean the streets with those who pay


Submitted by walter at Thu 20 Apr, 2006 9:01 am

Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: Funtime Records
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Published in: 2004
Language: English
Available on: Pride of humility


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