One Fine Cast

One Fine Cast
fight less fight harder

The pain dominates your life
It’s a bleeding fight to survive
Every 2 steps on, takes one step back
A daily yoke you carry on your neck

the energy flows away
into the direction of decay
it doesn’t change your mood at all
you keep it positive it’s a life-call

it’s such a fight to see the light
of life we’re living here side by side
no one is entitled to pass judgement
on the values of life or death

mothers terminate their pregnancy
an incomprehensible conspiracy
a legalized murder, a justified decease?
May all those (innocent) children rest in peace

Life is the greatest present
you can get, you can give
so let everyone enjoy this gift
instead of taking their chances away


Submitted by André at Sun 07 Dec, 2003 1:00 am

Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: Funtime Records
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Published in: 2004
Language: English
Available on: Pride of humility


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