The Jesus and Mary Chain


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About You
About You (Guitar tab)
About You (Guitar chord)
Almost Gold
Almost Gold (Guitar tab)
Almost Gold (Guitar chord)
And Then I Kissed Her (Guitar chord)
April skies
April Skies (Guitar tab)
April Skies (Guitar chord)
Between Planets
Between Planets (Guitar tab)
Between Planets (Guitar chord)
Between Us
Blues From A Gun
Blues From A Gun (Guitar tab)
Blues From A Gun (Guitar chord)
Bullet Lovers
Catch Fire
Cherry Came Too (Guitar tab)
Cherry Came Too (Guitar chord)
Coast To Coast
Come On
Cracking Up (Guitar tab)
Deep One Perfect Morning
Dirty Water
Dirty Water (Guitar tab)
Down On Me
Everybody I Know
Far Gone And Out
Far Gone And Out (Guitar tab)
Far Gone And Out (Guitar chord)
Feeling Lucky
Gimme Hell
God Help Me
Good For My Soul
Halfway To Crazy
Halfway To Crazy (Guitar tab)
Halfway To Crazy (Guitar chord)
Happy when it rains
Happy When It Rains (Guitar tab)
Head On
Head On (Guitar tab)
Head On (Guitar chord)
Her Way Of Praying
Here Comes Alice
Here Comes Alice (Guitar tab)
Here Comes Alice (Guitar chord)
I Can't Get Enough
I Love Rock N Roll (Bass tab)
Inside Me (Bass tab)
Its So Hard (Bass tab)
Just Like Honey
Just Like Honey (Guitar tab)
Just Like Honey (Bass tab)
Never Saw It Coming
Never Understand (Guitar chord)
Nine Million Rainy Days
On The Wall
Reverence (Guitar tab)
Reverence (Guitar chord)
Save Me
Save Me (Guitar tab)
Save Me (Guitar chord)
She (Guitar tab)
She (Guitar chord)
Some Candy Talking (Bass tab)
Sometimes Always
Sometimes Always (Guitar tab)
Sometimes Always (Guitar chord)
Sugar Ray
Sugar Ray (Guitar tab)
Sugar Ray (Guitar chord)
Take It
Taste Of Cindy (Guitar tab)
Taste Of Cindy (Guitar chord)
Taste The Floor (Bass tab)
Teenage Lust
Teenage Lust (Guitar tab)
Teenage Lust (Guitar chord)
The Hardest Walk (Bass tab)
The Living End (Bass tab)
These Days
These Days (Guitar tab)
These Days (Guitar chord)
Till It Shines
Tumbledown (Guitar tab)
Tumbledown (Guitar chord)
U V Ray
Until It Shines (Guitar tab)
Until It Shines (Guitar chord)
Uv Ray
Why'd You Want Me
Wish I Could
Wish I Could (Guitar tab)
Wish I Could (Guitar chord)
You Trip Me Up (Guitar chord)
You Trip Me Up (Bass tab)
You've Been A Friend
Youve Been A Friend (Guitar tab)
Youve Been A Friend (Guitar chord)

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