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12 Year Circus (Bass tab)
21 Guns (Guitar tab)
21 Guns (Bass tab)
30 Day wonder
30 Day Wonder (Guitar tab)
30 Day Wonder (Bass tab)
A credit to his gender
A Credit To His Gender (Bass tab)
A Credit To His Gender Ver 2 (Bass tab)
A Time And Place (Guitar tab)
After the nightmare
After The Nightmare (Bass tab)
All fall down
All fall down (Dutch translation)
All Fall Down (Guitar tab)
All Fall Down (Bass tab)
All the joy you've ever known
America Flies First Class (Guitar tab)
America Flies First Class (Bass tab)
Arcticle Iv (Bass tab)
Better (Guitar tab)
Better (Bass tab)
Black bag confidential
Blue black eyes
Blueliner (Bass tab)
Bobby Baun
Boxing day
Boys and girls
Calendar (Bass tab)
Choices made
Choices Made (Bass tab)
Class War 2000 (Guitar tab)
Class War 2000 (Bass tab)
Come dancing
Come Dancing (Bass tab)
Credit To His Gender (Drum tab)
Dear Cammi
Decoy (Bass tab)
Decoy Ver 2 (Bass tab)
Defusing the popular struggle
Eighteen seconds
Enter The Unapproachablees (Guitar tab)
Enter the unapproachables
Every Smile (Bass tab)
Favorite son
Favorite Son (Bass tab)
Fertile fields
Fertile Fields (Guitar tab)
Fertile Fields (Bass tab)
Fire engine red
Fire Engine Red (Guitar tab)
Fire Engine Red (Bass tab)
Fire Engine Red Solo (Guitar tab)
Flies first class
Great leap forward
Hall Of Fame (Bass tab)
Hardest part
Heresy, Hypocrisy and revenge
Holdin On (Bass tab)
Holding on
I melt with you
I stole your love
I stole your love (Dutch translation)
I Stole Your Love (Guitar tab)
In my head
Indoctrination (Bass tab)
Jeanie (Bass tab)
Jeannie (Dutch translation)
Jeannie (Bass tab)
Jeannie (Drum tab)
Just for today
Lame Duck Arsenal (Bass tab)
Lampshade (Bass tab)
Last believer
Last Believer (Bass tab)
Leader of the pack
Leters Home (Guitar tab)
Letters home
Letters home (Dutch translation)
Letters Home (Bass tab)
Letters Home Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Lisa (Dutch translation)
Lisa (Bass tab)
Made to be broken
Man Of God (Guitar tab)
Man Of God (Bass tab)
Melt With You (Bass tab)
More Depalma, Less Fellini
Mother superior
Mother Superior (Bass tab)
Mother Superior Ver 2 (Bass tab)
My War
Nobody likes a cynic
Not so bad
Not with him
Not With Him (Guitar tab)
Not With Him (Bass tab)
October (Bass tab)
One for the braves
One for the braves (Dutch translation)
One For The Braves (Bass tab)
Overcoming Learned Behavior (Bass tab)
Paean to the enlightenment
Pisces almost home
Pisces Almost Home (Bass tab)
Queen And John (Bass tab)
Remember me
Remember When (Bass tab)
Sacrifice (Bass tab)
Sacrifice Ver 2 (Bass tab)
Salt (Dutch translation)
Salt (Bass tab)
Salt Ver 2 (Bass tab)
Self-fulfilling catastrophe
Shadows of defeat
Shadows Of Defeat (Bass tab)
Shadows Of Defeat (Drum tab)
Shame, Rights & Privilege
Shit-Talking Capitolists
Sky is falling
Sometimes (Bass tab)
Spit you out
Spit You Out (Bass tab)
Stand (Bass tab)
Stand Ver 2 (Bass tab)
Start at zero
Start At Zero (Bass tab)
State control
State Control (Bass tab)
Static (Bass tab)
Steps (Bass tab)
Steps Ver 2 (Bass tab)
Symptoms Of A Leveling Spirit (Bass tab)
Talking Capitalists (Bass tab)
The dubious flow of excess
The process
There's no I in team
Think of me
Think Of Me (Bass tab)
This is the light
This Is The Light (Bass tab)
Time and a place
Token idiot
Token Idiot (Bass tab)
Token Idiot Ver 2 (Bass tab)
Trial of the century
Trial Of The Century (Guitar tab)
Twelve year circus
Twelve Year Circus (Bass tab)
Uniontown (Guitar tab)
United cigar
United Cigar (Guitar tab)
United Cigar (Bass tab)
United Cigar (Drum tab)
Up And Away (Bass tab)
Up & Away
Up the affiliates
Waste (Bass tab)
Weight of the world
Weight Of The World (Bass tab)
Weight Of The World Ver 2 (Bass tab)
West end memorial
West End Memorial (Guitar tab)
West End Memorial (Bass tab)
What We Have (Bass tab)
Winning the hearts and minds
Winning The Hearts And Minds (Guitar tab)
Winning The Hearts And Minds (Bass tab)
Without anger
Without Anger (Bass tab)
Wrong again
Wrong Again (Bass tab)
Years from now
Years From Now (Bass tab)
Yesterday died-Tomorrow won't be born
Yesterday's headlines
Yesterdays Headlines (Guitar tab)
Yesterdays Headlines (Bass tab)

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