Midnight Oil


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Arctic World (Guitar tab)
Arctic World (Guitar chord)
Bedlam Bridge (Guitar tab)
Bedlam Bridge (Guitar chord)
Beds Are Burning (Dutch translation)
Beds Are Burning (French translation)
Beds Are Burning (Guitar tab)
Beds Are Burning (Guitar chord)
Beds Are Burning (Bass tab)
Beds Are Burning 2 (Guitar chord)
Beds Are Burning Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Blue Sky Mining (Guitar tab)
Blue Sky Mining Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Bullroarer (Guitar tab)
Burnie (Guitar tab)
Bushfire (Guitar tab)
Bushfire (Guitar chord)
Dream World (Guitar tab)
Drums Of Heaven (Guitar tab)
E-beat (Guitar tab)
Earth And Sun And Moon (Guitar tab)
Earth And Sun And Moon (Guitar chord)
Forgotten Years (Guitar tab)
In The Valley (Guitar tab)
In The Valley (Guitar chord)
Jimmy Sharmans Boxers (Guitar tab)
King Of The Mountain (Guitar tab)
Koala Sprint (Guitar tab)
Kosciusko (Guitar tab)
Kosciusko (Guitar chord)
Kosciusko Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Lucky Country (Guitar tab)
Minutes To Midnight (Guitar tab)
My Count (Guitar tab)
My Country (Guitar tab)
Outbreak Of Love (Guitar tab)
Outbreak Of Love (Guitar chord)
Powderworks (Guitar tab)
Power And The Passion (Guitar tab)
Put Down That Weapon (Guitar tab)
Read About It (Guitar tab)
River Runs Red (Guitar tab)
River Runs Red (Guitar chord)
Run By Night (Guitar tab)
Sell My Soul (Guitar tab)
Shakers And Movers (Guitar tab)
Shakers And Movers (Guitar chord)
Short Memory (Guitar tab)
Short Memory Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Short Memory Ver 3 (Guitar tab)
Sleep (Guitar tab)
Sometimes (Guitar tab)
Tell Me The Truth (Guitar tab)
The Dead Heart (Guitar tab)
The Dead Heart (Guitar chord)
The Real Thing (Guitar tab)
Tin Legs And Tin Mines (Guitar chord)
Too Much Sunshine (Guitar tab)
Truganini (Guitar tab)
Truganini (Bass tab)
U-s Forces (Guitar tab)
U-s Forces (Guitar chord)
Us Forces (Guitar tab)
Warakurna (Guitar tab)
Whoa (Guitar tab)
Whoa (Guitar chord)

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