Theatre Of Tragedy


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A Rose For The Dead (Guitar tab)
And When He Falleth (Guitar tab)
And When He Falleth (Bass tab)
Angelique (Guitar tab)
Angélique (Bass tab)
Aoede (Guitar tab)
Aoede (Bass tab)
Bacchante (Guitar tab)
Bacchante Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Bring Forth Ye Shadow (Guitar tab)
Cassandra (Guitar tab)
Cassandra (Bass tab)
Cassandra Ver 2 (Bass tab)
City Of Light (Guitar tab)
Crash Concrete (Guitar tab)
Crash Concrete Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Liquid Man (Guitar tab)
Lorelei (Guitar tab)
Lorelei (Bass tab)
Machine (Guitar tab)
Monotone (Guitar tab)
Play (Guitar tab)
Poppæa (Guitar tab)
Samantha (Guitar tab)
Seraphic Deviltry (Guitar tab)
Siren (Bass tab)
Spiegel (Guitar tab)
Venus (Guitar tab)
Venus (Bass tab)
Virago (Bass tab)

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