Bob Seger


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Title Rating Type Year Publisher
Against The Wind
Full CD 1980
Back In '72 Full CD 1973
Beautiful Loser Full CD 1975
Brand New Morning Single 1971
Face The Promise Full CD 2006 Capitol Records
Greatest Hits Full CD 1984
Greatest hits, Vol. 2 Full CD 2000
I Knew You When Full CD 2017 Capitol
It's A Mystery Full CD 1995
Like A Rock Full CD 1986
Live Bullet Full CD 1976
Mongrel Full CD 1970
Night Moves Full CD 1976 Capitol Records
Nine Tonight
Full CD 1981
Noah Full CD 1969 Capitol Records
Ramblin' Gamblin' Man Full CD 1969 Capitol Records
Seven Single 1974
Smokin' O.P.'s Full CD 1972
Stranger In Town Full CD 1978 Capitol Records
The Distance Full CD 1982 Capitol Records
The Fire Inside Full CD 1991

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