Judas Priest


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Title Rating Type Year Publisher
5 Souls LP 2014 Sony
'98 Live Meltdown Full CD 1998 CMC
Angel of Retribution Full CD 2005 Sony
Battle Cry Full CD 2016 Epic
British Steel Full CD 1980 CBS
Defenders Of The Faith LP 1984 Columbia
Demolition Full CD 2001 Steamhammer
Firepower - CD 1
Full CD 2018 Columbia
Firepower - CD 2 Full CD 2018 Columbia
Jugulator Full CD 1997 Steamhammer
Killing Machine Full CD 1978 CBS
Live in London Full CD 2003 Steamhammer
Metal Works Full CD 1993 CBS
Metalogy Full CD 2004 Columbia
Nostradamus (Cd 1) Full CD 2008 Epic Records
Nostradamus (Cd 2) Full CD 2008 Epic Records
Full CD 1990 Sony Japan
Point of Entry Full CD 1981 CBS
Priest... Live! Full CD 1987 CBS
Ram It Down Full CD 1988 CBS
Redeemer Of Souls Full CD 2014 Columbia
Rocka Rolla Full CD 1974 Gull
Sad Wings of Destiny Full CD 1976 Gull
Screaming for Vengeance Full CD 1982 CBS
Sin After Sin Full CD 1977 CBS
Stained Class Full CD 1978 CBS
The Essential Full CD 2006 Columbia
This Is Judas Priest - The Greatest Hits Compilation 2012 Sony Music
Turbo Full CD 1986 CBS
Unleashed in the East Full CD 1979 CBS

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