Paul McCartney


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Title Rating Type Year Publisher
All the best Full CD 1987 EMI Records
Снова в СССР LP 1988 Melodiya
Back in the world - CD1 Full CD 2003 Parlophone
Back in the world - CD2 Full CD 2003 Parlophone
Chaos And Creation In The Backyard Full CD 2005 Parlophone, EMI
CHOBA B CCCP (Back In The USSR) Full CD 1988 Capitol
Driving Rain Full CD 2001 Parlophone, EMI
Egypt Station Full CD 2018 Capitol
Flaming Pie Full CD 1997 Parlophone, EMI
Flowers In The Dirt LP 1989 Parlophone, EMI
Give My Regards To Broad Street LP 1984 Parlophone, EMI
Kisses On The Bottom Full CD 2012 Hear Music
McCartney LP 1970 Apple Records
McCartney II LP 1980 Parlophone Records
Memory Almost Full Full CD 2007 Hear Music
New Full CD 2013 Hear
Off The Ground Full CD 1993 Parlophone, EMI
Paul Is Live Full CD 1993 Capitol
Pipes Of Peace LP 1983 Parlophone, EMI
Press To Play LP 1986 Parlophone, EMI
Pure McCartney Full CD 2016 Concord
Ram LP 1971 Apple Records
Run Devil Run Full CD 1999 Parlophone, EMI
Tripping the live fantastic - CD1 Full CD 1990 MPL Communications Ltd
Tripping the live fantastic - CD2 Full CD 1990 MPL Communications Ltd
Tug of war Full CD 1982 EMI, Parlophone

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