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Title Rating Type Year Publisher
3d Full CD 2002 Arista Records
Ain't Too Proud To Beg MaxiCD 1992 Arista Records
Collections Full CD 2006 Sony
Come Get Some (Featuring Lil Jon & Sean P) Single 2004 LaFace Records, Arista Records
Crazy Sexy Cool Full CD 1994 Arista Records
CrazySexyCool Full CD 1994 LaFace
Creep Single 1994 LaFace Records
Damaged Single 2003 Arista Records
Dear Lie Single 1999 LaFace Records
Diggin' On You Single 1995 LaFace Records, Arista Records
Fanmail Full CD 1999 Arista Records
Girl Talk Single 2002 Arista Records
No Scrubs Single 1999 LaFace Records
Now & Forever Full CD 2003 Arista
Now & Forever: The Hits Full CD 2005 LaFace Records
Ooooooohhh... On the TLC Tip Full CD 1992 Arista Records
Red Light Special Single 1995 LaFace Records, Arista Records
Super Hits Full CD 2010 BMG International
Supernova Full CD 2002 BMG International
The Best Hits Full CD 2002
The Greatest Hits Of Tlc Full CD 2008 Sony BMG
Unpretty Full CD 1999 LaFace Records
Waterfalls Single 1995 LaFace Records

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