Suicide Commando


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Title Rating Type Year Publisher
Anthology (disc 1)
Compilation 2002 Dependent Records
Anthology (disc 2) Compilation 2002 Dependent Records
Axis Of Evil Full CD 2003 Dependent Records
Chromdioxyde Full CD 1999 Dependent Records
Comatose Delusion MaxiCD 2000 Dependent Records
Contamination Full CD 1996 Off Beat Records
Critical Stage Full CD 1994 Off Beat Records
Face Of Death (limited Edition) Full CD 2004 Dependent Records
Godsend Full CD 2005 Dependent Records
Implements Of Hell (cd 1) Full CD 2010 Metropolis Records
Limited Contamination (cd 2) MaxiCD 1996 Off Beat Records
Mindstrip Full CD 2000
One Nation Under God MaxiCD 2004 Dependent Records
Reconstruction (cd1) Full CD 1998 Off Beat Records
Reconstruction (cd2) Full CD 1998 Off Beat Records
Stored Images Full CD 1995 Off Beat Records

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