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Title Rating Type Year Publisher
10 Years in Rage Full CD 1994 Noise
Beyond the Wall Full CD 1992 Noise
Black in Mind Full CD 1995 GUN
End of All Days Full CD 1996 Gun
From the Cradle to the Stage Full CD 2004 SPV
Full Moon in St. Petersburg Full CD 2007 Nuclear Blast
Ghosts Full CD 1999 GUN
Higher Than the Sky Full CD 1996 GUN
Lingua Mortis Full CD 1996 GUN
Live from the Vault Full CD 1997 G.U.N.
Soundchaser Full CD 2003 Steamhammer
Speak of the Dead Full CD 2006 Nuclear Blast
The Devil Strikes Again Full CD 2016 Nuclear Blast
The Missing Link Full CD 1993 Noise
The Soundchaser Archives Compilation 2014 Nuclear Blast
Unity Full CD 2002 Steamhammer
Welcome to the Other Side Full CD 2001 GUN
XIII Full CD 1998 GUN

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