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Rochella Danishei is a singer / song writer. She was a lead singer and wrote most of the tracks for the pop girl group Candy Coated Chaos. Rochella has been known to go under names like Ro and Roro. Her songs have been played on the radio and during MTV reality shows for the past 3 years. When she left the group, she worked on a few tracks, but has recently released her first solo project. It is a pure 'Pop Gold' as some bloggers called it. The tracks are fresh and really catchy. The album is called 'End of the Rainbow'. All the lyrics have been written by Rochella / Ro Danishei and there is even a duet with amazing Simon Curtis. You have to listen to it in order to form an opinion, because it is not like anything else that has been released recently. It is a very good album and makes you want to dance. The album can be downloaded for FREE at:

You can also follow her on twitter and the link is right there on her site:


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