Born in 1974 on the Italian island of Sardinia.

Started dj'ing in 1998, after being influenced by the house music scene in Ibiza...he went on to become the resident dj and owner of the NOCTAMBULA bar in IBIZA in '99, which is still considered to be one of the 3 coolest bars on the island (rated by MIXMAG).

In 2002 Manu - L decided to take his sound in a more MNML direction, the infamous Cocoon party and its djs, on the Amnesia terrace, playing an important part in his transformation.

In 2003 he started a new MNML party in Italy called the MINIMAL HOSPITAL, taking on not only the promotions side of the business but becoming the resident dj as well.

In 2004 he began his residency in the new and extremely successful party...MONZA held in PRIVILEGE, IBIZA. In the last few years he has gone on to play at some of the best parties/clubs on the island such as:

* CIRCOLOCO...dc10, Ibiza

He is no stranger outside of Ibiza either...after playing in some of the best venues in the rest of the world as VENEZUELA,BRASIL,USA and in the
Europe's greatest capitols such as London, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Milan, Florence,Berlin,warsaw etc.

Manu - L is one of those upcoming Dj's you should be keeping an eye out for...guaranteed to be full of minimal housy grooves, funky enough to shake the dance floor and rock the party

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