Eighteen Visions


Members: James Hart, Ken Floyd, Keith Barney, Mick Morris, Trevor Dark Baby

Active: 1996 - present


Eighteen Visions (sometimes shortened to 18V) was founded in 1996 by James Hart and Ken Floyd (who then played drums), the only members of the original line-up still performing with the band.

Their debut release was the "Lifeless" EP on Life Sentence Records. They followed this with a full-length album titled "Yesterday Is Time Killed" on Cedargate Records. Upon switching to Trustkill Records, they recorded their 2000 album Until The Ink Runs Out. For their next album, "Best Of", the band re-recorded much of their earlier, out of print, material. The music style of the band changed a lot since their 2002 record "Vanity", which birthed a music video single for "You Broke Like Glass" which played in heavy rotation via MTV2's Headbangers Ball. Eighteen Visions then released "Obsession" in 2004 which would be their last album for Trustkill Records.

On July 18, 2006 they released a self-titled album through Epic Records. Their single "Victim" has been climbing the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks, and was the official theme song of WWE Vengeance this year.

This latest album by Eighteen Visions featured a more melodic and pop-friendly sound. While this has led to the band getting more mainstream exposure, some fans of their ealier works have accused them of being mainstream "sell-outs" especially as their new single "Tonightless" gains popularity.


1997 - Lifeless EP
1999 - Yesterday is Time Killed
2000 - Until The Ink Runs Out
2001 - The Best Of Eighteen Visions
2002 - Vanity
2004 - Obsession
2006 - Eighteen Visions


2000 - No Time For Love
2004 - Waiting For The Heavens
2004 - Tower Of Snakes
2005 - I Let Go
2006 - Tonightless
2006 - Victim

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