Taking Back Sunday


Members: Adam Lazzara, Fred Mascherino, Eddie Reyes, Mark O'Connell, Matt Rubano

Active: 1999-present

Taking Back Sunday released a self-titled debut EP in 2001 with the original lineup (which included singer Antonio Longo and drummer Stevie D.), but received little attention or fanfare. Following a change of lineup, they released their follow up album, Tell All Your Friends produced by Sal Villanueva and Chris Woodruff on March 26, 2002 on Victory Records.

It was recorded in New Jersey's Big Blue Meanie Recording Studios. The album gave the band a first taste of success through the single, "Cute Without the 'E' (Cut from the Team)" (which was teamed with a Fight Club inspired promo video). Since then, they have played with bands such as Brand New and The Used, as well as a short stint on the 2003 Vans Warped Tour. Another change in their lineup occurred when singer/guitarist John Nolan and bassist Shaun Cooper left the band and formed what is now Straylight Run. Because of these departures, the band's future was in doubt for some time. However, with the additions of guitarist/vocalist Fred Mascherino and bassist Matt Rubano, the band would move on.

2004 proved to be successful for Taking Back Sunday, with the band opening for blink-182 and being one of the main headliners for the Vans Warped Tour. In addition, their second album, titled Where You Want To Be was released on July 27, 2004 (also on Victory Records). This album had a different sound to their previous one. Propelled by the single "A Decade Under the Influence", Where You Want to Be went on to debut at the #3 spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart, with sales of around 163,000 copies. Taking Back Sunday received even more mainstream exposure by appearing (on the day of Where You Want to Be's release) on the late night talk shows Jimmy Kimmel Live and Loveline, and by contributing the song "This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)" to the soundtrack for Spider-Man 2. They have also contributed the song "Your Own Disaster," to the 'Elektra' soundtrack and "Error Operator" to the recently released Fantastic Four movie soundtrack.

They recently produced their third album in Los Angeles, entitled "Louder Now" released by Warner Brothers Records (My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park). It was released on April 25, 2006. It nearly mirrors the first two albums in style and message, yet delivers with a more polished sound. Louder Now was leaked onto the Internet in its entirety on April 19, 2006.

In April 2006 Taking Back Sunday took part in the 2-day "Give It A Name" indoor rock festival in England, playing at Manchester Evening News Arena on Saturday April 29th and London Earls Court on Sunday April 30th. During the second song of their set at the Earls Court show, Adam Lazzara knocked out Matt Rubano with his microphone. Rubano later returned to the stage sporting a large head-bandage, and a noticeable amount of blood on his face. During his absence, the band carried on playing with the help of Aiden's guitarist Angel Ibarra. Following his return to the stage, Rubano continued to play while sitting down.

While often categorized as emo, the band (as well as many of their listeners) dispute such a classification. Former backup vocalist and guitarist John Nolan said of emo, "I've said it many times before... I think it [emo's] a ridiculous term and it's basically a meaningless thing."

2001 - Taking Back Sunday EP
2001 - Lullaby EP
2002 - Taking Back Sunday Demo
2002 - Tell All Your Friends
2004 - Where You Want to Be
2005 - Tell All Your Friends (Special Edition)
2006 - Louder Now

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