Stone Sour


Members: Corey Taylor, Josh Rand, Shawn Economaki, James Root, Roy Mayorga

Active: 1992 - present


The band was originally formed in 1992 by Corey Taylor and drummer Joel Ekman. The band name was from the cocktail which is one part whiskey and a splash of orange juice and sour mix. Taylor's long time friend, Shawn Economaki, joined shortly after filling in as the bass player. In 1995, James Root joined the band. The band disbanded when Taylor left in 1997 to join Slipknot. Root also joined Slipknot one year later. Economaki went on to be the stage manager for Slipknot and Ekman formed a family. The band was thought to be over.

But, in 2000, Josh Rand approached Taylor with songs he had been working on. Then, they worked together for a year and a half writing songs. The band reformed in 2002 with the original line up and they recorded their self-titled first album in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson appears as a guest for the album to add some disc scratching. Also, the band released the song "Bother" for the Spider Man soundtrack (credited only to Taylor) while recording the album.

Recently, Taylor has confirmed that the band will go back into the studio in January of 2006 to begin work on the follow-up to the first record, which will hit shelves on August 1st. The title of the record is "Come What(ever) May", but the number of songs to be included on the album is currently unknown, but guitarist Josh Rand has revealed the names of two of the heavier songs on the album: 30/30-150? and Hell And Consequences. According to a report in Rock Review, there will be a track where Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed collaborates with the band.

Unfortunately, 2 weeks into the recording of the drum tracks, Joel had to leave the project due to his son being very ill. It was decided by the band that Roy Mayorga would finish the drum tracks.

As of March 25th, Joel Ekman is officially no longer Stone Sour's drummer. On May 10th, they announced that Mayorga is the new official drummer for the band.

Stone Sour finished recording 16 tracks for their upcoming album, Come Whatever May, on April 4th. Mixing began on April 10, handled by Randy Staub (Metallica, Hatebreed).

On April 29th, the band released a video for the song "Reborn" which shows the band performing in a studio.

Around the middle of May, the single "Through Glass" leaked, although the copy of the song was watermarked and contains a beeping noise, halfway through and at the end of the song. An copy of this song without the beep's has been leaked aswell.

On May 22nd, Roadrunner Records put the song 30/30-150 up for download on their website.

Stone Sour's new album, "Come What(ever) May" comes out August 1st, 2006.

Stone Sour will also be apart of this years Family Values tour.

The song "Hell and Consequences" was leaked to the BitTorrent file-sharing client.


2002 - Stone Sour
2006 - Come What(ever) May


2002 - Get Inside - Stone Sour
2002 - Bother - Stone Sour
2003 - Inhale - Stone Sour
2006 - Through Glass - Come What(ever) May

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